* RF#1 : This system is apical equipment that can control
                 radiographing and fluoroscopic condition in RF table.

Tube unit
H.T Cable
 Tube Voltage  150kVp  kVp Range  150kVp
 Focal Spot  0.6 - 1.2
Image Intensifier
 Anode Heat  300KHU  Size  6inch / 9inch
Collimator (CM-W1)
Camera & Monitor
 Lightning  26 - 30sec, 100 - 160lux  Component Size  CCD Camera, 12-17
Tube Stand (TS-W1)
 * Option
 U/D mov. dls.  1300  Ceiling Tube Suspended (TC-W1)
 L/R mov. dls.  2000  Bucky Stand (BS-W1)
 Reve, angle  ±180  Bucky Table (BT-W1)
R/F Table (RFBT-W1)
 Touch Screen Type
 Tilting  90 ~ -15
 Dimension  2000L × 700W × 850H

WSRF-50 system human body general Radiographic and Fluoroscopic are possible R/F system
by high frequency inverter mode and when Fluoroscopic is very convenient that user operates
because console that can control condition is attached on R/F table.
When Fluoroscopic, can use more conveniently if use ABS and AEC function
that is option function.





Unit Name

Model & Type

 R/F Remote table  RFRT-W1 (DR Type)
 X-ray high voltage generator  WSRF-50G (3 phase 380V)
 X-ray tube assembly  E7252X (made by Toshiba/Japan)
 Collimator  CM-W3
 Cooling Fan  SJ1238HA2
 I.I.  E5764SD-P1 (9 inches diameter)
 Digital Image processing unit  Slimpac2 DSA (Windows XP)
 CCD Camera  1 Million pixel

 Standard accessories

 foot rest, patient grip bars, shoulder pads,  barium cup tray, intercom, local control  hand  switch


 Local control stand  RFRT-LCS
 Cassette tray  14" x 17", 14" x 14", 10" x 12", 8" x 10"
 DICOM output  DICOM 3.0